Ferguson and the Militarization of Police

Last night I stayed up late, refreshing my Twitter feed and watching commentary about the situation in Ferguson, Mo. Thank goodness for Twitter, for the folks on the ground live-tweeting what they see and for the social commentary of many brilliant minds. I checked my other social media accounts and looked at the differences in... Continue Reading →


A young man named Michael Brown has been killed by police officers in St. Louis, Missouri. According to eyewitness accounts, Michael was walking (unarmed) to visit his grandmother when witnesses saw an officer approach Brown and have some sort of confrontation with him. One witness states that she saw the police officer attempt to put... Continue Reading →

John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight”: Wealth Gap

It is impossible -- or it should be impossible, at least -- to talk about crime and justice without discussing economic inequality. It is a key concept in numerous criminological theories, appearing under the guise of poverty, blocked opportunities, relative deprivation, concentrated disadvantage, and many other closely-related concepts. Income and wealth translate into social and political power,... Continue Reading →

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