Welcome! My name is Rebecca Stone. I am an Assistant Professor in the Sociology department at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. I am also a fellow of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Interdisciplinary Research Leaders program.

My primary research agenda is situated around the overlap between criminal justice and public health, with a specific focus on gender, race, and class inequalities. I address key concerns for criminologists and public health scholars by exploring the ways in which substance use, mental health, and other health issues shape women’s lives. In particular, I am interested in women’s desistance from criminal offending and substance use as a process of internal transformation or identity change.

My interests also include laws and public policies concerning women, motherhood and reproductive rights. I am especially interested in sexual and reproductive health in the USA. and elsewhere, the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs during pregnancy, child abuse and neglect, and mothering while involved with the justice system.

Methodologically, I enjoy qualitative methods including narratology, in-depth and life history interviewing, community-based participatory research, and human-centered design practices. I have successfully recruited and interviewed hard-to-reach populations in the community through the traditions of feminist methodology.

I have experience working with community organizations in research collaborations and training and technical assistance capacities. Through these collaborations, I have worked on data collection and analysis, outcome evaluations, crime mapping, and community engagement efforts.

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